Dear Colchester Residents,

Last Friday, I signed a historic contract with Fournier Irrigation to begin irrigation construction at the recreational fields in the amount of $238,797 in ARPA federal funds. This is the first major step in creating top-tier fields for our children as they deserve the absolute best. Improving our fields has been something our town has wanted to achieve since UConn issued a field study in 2014 describing the terrible conditions of our fields and the liability they placed on our children.

As a candidate for First Selectman in 2021, I made a major promise on the campaign trail that I would deliver on field irrigation. Colchester deserves fields that our community would not only be proud of, but safe for our children. Our Town is now on the path to make that all that a reality. And while this fulfilled promise is a significant first step, there is more to be done to ensure we have pinnacle fields.  Something that I am fully committed to achieving.

A big thank you to Tiffany Quinn, our Parks & Recreation Director, for her dedication and support and Joe Leone, our Public Works Director, for all your hard work. Thank you to Selectman Jason LaChapelle, to the league presidents, the Park & Recreation Commission, and the many parents for their encouragement and commitment along the way.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman