Dear Colchester Residents,

It has been a tremendous honor representing the Town of Colchester, the town I have made my home for over 36 years, as First Selectman. Though I was unanimously endorsed as the Republican candidate for First Selectman, I have always been dedicated to making a difference for everyone, regardless of party.

When I ran two years ago, I put forward a really long list of goals and objectives. I have been fortunate enough to accomplish the majority of those in my first term, but also feel a responsibility to finish what I started. This collective success has led to the Colchester Comeback. In the coming months, I will be sharing more about the Colchester Comeback as well as my vision for a better tomorrow.

My underlying campaign message has always been people before government with a focus on affordability, transparency, economic development, and tradition. Our local government should serve the people, not special interest groups and runaway spending. A fiscally conservative government that emphasizes strategic spending and low taxes while putting the needs of the people first is the expectation. Special interest groups and longtime politicians will never pull my strings.

I am the only candidate in the race for First Selectman with a proven set of accomplishments, a dedicated vision for our community, and leadership experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the Colchester Comeback and Vision for the Town, please visit or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman