Dear Colchester Residents,

As someone who has lived in Colchester for over 36 years, I believe that Colchester should be a community that is affordable for everyone. We must keep our taxes low by continuing to promote fiscally conservative and responsible budgets.

As First Selectman, I have conducted a top to bottom review of departments to identify savings and areas to strategically invest in. I’ve utilized technology to reduce costs while modernizing efficiency across departments and will continue to search for innovative and creative ways to provide the same services at a lower cost. ARPA funding, our increased new revenue, our reserve accounts, and our healthy unassigned fund balance will be used to ease the tax burden on the citizens. These strategies allowed this year’s budget to come in flat with a slew of new initiatives aimed at moving the town forward.

The Town’s bonding payments remain stabilized and there are no fiscal cliffs that have been created under my watch. The Finance Department has put in new safeguards to ensure that expenditures are closely monitored. This year we spent 91% of the 100% of the budget allotted to the Town.

In 2021, the DTC put forward a candidate that advocated for an 8.24% town budget increase and a 5% tax increase. This year they put forward a socialist candidate who was endorsed by the same candidate who supported that 5% tax increase. As First Selectman, I kept a campaign promise by reducing the salary of the First Selectman to $80,000 and freezing it for two years. The current candidate has remained noticeably silent on his starting salary.

We must ensure that Colchester is affordable for everyone. A fiscally conservative approach, not runaway spending and massive tax increases will get us there.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman