Dear Colchester Residents,

As First Selectman, historic strides in increasing the level of transparency in local government have been made. An early initiative was securing UHY as an ARPA consulting firm to ensure that there is a strategy, continuous monitoring, and transparency planning when it comes to the distribution of ARPA dollars. As of today, the Town has been able to successfully allocate millions of dollars in ARPA funding to strengthen our community with minimal concern.

Another achievement was securing a state-of-the-art Hybrid Room that allows the community to have unparalleled access to town meetings while meeting all FOI standards. Our largest attendance via Hybrid was more than 200 citizens. The town has also completed a historic number of FOI requests and will continue to use eDiscovery to ensure all information is made available and that nothing is withheld. Transparency also includes providing the Board of Finance with the impact of contract negotiations before the budget season begins to avoid any surprises.

With the passing of the town budget, I will be bringing a transparency software contract to the Board of Selectmen to approve. Complete integration will ensure that the public and Board of Finance have access to real-time data. The other first selectman candidate has provided zero support for the product.

That same candidate also participated in a series of questionable meetings in July and October of 2020, in which the Debt Service Subcommittee deprioritized the safety concerns related to our recreation fields. These meetings had no agenda, no minutes, and did not allow the public to participate. Both the previous first selectman and selectwoman Rosemary Coyle also participated. Evidence can be found under the Board of Finance audio, minutes, and correspondence.

Government should not be allowed to operate in the shadows.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman