Dear Colchester Residents,

While our Town has seen a tremendous comeback, it is important to keep the momentum going. The Town will continue to work with prospective businesses by keeping our taxes low, reviewing zoning regulations to ensure they put citizens and small businesses before government, and meeting with interested parties to ease their transition. As someone who has been around small businesses my entire life, I understand the plight of our hardworking entrepreneurs.

While past administrations may have slept on projects, I have re-energized initiatives. In my first term, the Town Green Revitalization Project was completed. In my second term, the Town is poised to see the Lebanon Avenue Streetscape Revitalization Project come to fruition. These enhancements will make one of the more neglected parts of town a very attractive one for prospective businesses.

Investing in green energy initiatives will be another important cornerstone. I recently signed a contract to bring the first-ever hybrid charging station to Colchester, with it to be installed at the Town Hall. Plans include expanding out to other locations as well. The Town is also very close to signing a solar lease agreement with Silver Brooks Solar which will net the town a lump total of $214K.

The Town will continue infrastructure improvements in public spaces with investments in our roads and bridges, begin the expansion of the operational quarters of the Police Department, oversee the construction of the Town Hall Roof, modernize the Town Hall’s HVAC, and refurbish the Water Towers. The Town is also exploring the privatization of its water systems and will continue to increase funds set aside for Open Space acquisitions that reduce the overall tax burden while securing our small-town feel.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman