Dear Colchester Residents,

Tradition allows us to share common values and honor those who came before us. As First Selectman, I have invested in community events that bring us together. The Town re-established the Memorial Day Parade and increased its operating budget, 57th Fest was re-established as Celebrate Colchester, and a Celebration of Colchester’s 325th Birthday is on the horizon. As First Selectman, I will never waver in honoring holidays and the traditions associated with them.

On my first day in office, I removed the previous administration’s “Racism Public Health Crisis” proclamation. The democrat first selectman candidate proudly accepted the endorsement of the first selectman who unfairly labeled an entire community and stoked division.

I have also put an emphasis on historical preservation. There has been a historic investment in our town’s history which includes refurbishing the Youth Center Roof (Old Town Hall), revitalizing the Town Green and the Gazebo, and securing funding to preserve historic documents.

There has also been a historic investment in our Parks & Recreation because our children are important. A new playground, field irrigation, new pickleball courts, new basketball courts, new signs, a new pavilion roof at the Rec Plex was secured during my first term. As First Selectman, I am dedicated in continuing our Fields of Dreams initiative so that our children have excellent fields available to them.

Second term goals include establishing a permanent community ice skating rink, expanding parking at R8, establishing a new location for the Youth Center/Community Center, transitioning the current Youth Center into a museum/home for our Veterans, beginning the remediation of Norton Park, and completing the Senior Center.

There is only one first selectman candidate with a proven track record of getting the job done.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman