Dear Colchester Residents,

During my first term, we made a historic investment in public safety. New electronic emergency signs were secured, rectangular rapid flashing beacons at crosswalks townwide were installed, and $135K in yearly tree removal has been budgeted. A public safety working group was also established with the purpose to strengthen collaboration with the community, increase transparency, and make public commendations.

The Fire Department has seen a revitalization, which began with the new hiring of Fire Chief Steven Hoffmann. Together we have collaborated in securing 24/7 town-wide coverage by hiring 2 new firefighters/EMS. In just one term, the Fire Department upgraded the UHF portable radios, upgraded the 800Mhz radio system, constructed a new roof for Fire Company #2, secured a new off road utility vehicle, secured a new boat and trailer, secured a new OHD fit tester, entered the fire marshal mutual aid agreement, secured over $100K in new apparatus equipment, and constructed a new parking lot at Fire Headquarters.

The Police Department is also a priority. Though they secured a new K9 unit and have made excellent hires to replace retirees, the time has come to expand their operational quarters. For years, life-long politicians have sat back ignoring the cramped spaces and the OSHA violations waiting to happen. I have taken the initiative to collaborate with our police department to design floor plans for the expansion of their operational quarters. I am the only first selectman candidate who has publicly committed to this expansion.

According to both the Fire Chief and the Resident State Trooper, the democrat first selectman candidate has made zero efforts to sit down to discuss public safety with them.

It is unfortunate that 10 months of rhetoric takes precedence over the public safety of our community.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman