Dear Colchester Residents,

Today, the great Town of Colchester will embrace a historic milestone as it celebrates its 325th Birthday.

Since its incorporation, Colchester has had a rich and storied history. It has been home to historic politicians, inventors, businessmen, sports dignitaries, and musicians. In the 1800’s, Old Bacon Academy progressively allowed the education of women and nonwhite students, while also educating future governors, senators, and a supreme court justice. It was the Colchester Rubber Company that created the first basketball sneakers in the 1890’s.

Our Town is home to heroes. General Henry Champion served as the Chief Commissary of the Continental Army under George Washington and fought in notable Revolutionary War battles like Bunker Hill. William J. Johnston served in World War II and received the both the Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart fighting fascist forces in Italy. His story is legendary. As German forces were overrunning his position, he manned his machine gun seriously injured and without rest to buy cover for his unit’s withdrawal. He was able to make it back and provide valuable intelligence on German positions.

Colchester has also been a place where one’s American Dream can come true. People like my parents, who left Greece with two children in hopes of a better tomorrow, settled in the beautiful town of Colchester. My family established a successful business here, educated their children through the Colchester Public Schools system, and made their friends here. The acceptance, opportunities, and love that Colchester has provided for my family will be forever cherished.

There are many who share similar stories. While Colchester may be “Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow”, it is also where dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Colchester and God Bless Us All.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman