Dear Colchester Residents,

A recent Fox News Survey identified that 72% of voters were dissatisfied with the direction of the country. 58% of voters consider inflation and higher prices an emergency. More than one third, 35%, are living paycheck to paycheck with enough savings to last a month or less. According to Democratic pollster Chris Anderson “More households are living close to the breaking point, and more are also building up reserves, but the middle is shrinking.”

According to the United Way of Connecticut, a family of four (with two adults, one pre-schooler and one infant) needed to earn $126,018 to cover a basic survival budget of housing, food costs, and other essentials. Food insecurity among Connecticut adults living with children has nearly doubled from 12% to 23% in a year’s time.

As First Selectman, I have worked with stakeholders to establish an ARPA funded social service grant program to enable 40% of all households to get the assistance needed to help their families. If you need assistance, please contact the First Selectman’s Office or Youth & Social Services so we can direct you to the proper resources.

While assistance is important, it is also critical to ensure that our town remains affordable for everyone. As your First Selectman, I have provided the Town with relatively flat budgets by conducting top to bottom department level reviews and strategically utilizing our reserve accounts, unassigned fund balance, and ARPA funds. Strategic spending and increased revenue have helped keep taxes low.

There is only one candidate for First Selectman that will fight to protect your wallet from big government taxes and has a proven record of doing so, both as First Selectman and as a six- year member of the Board of Finance.


Andreas Bisbikos

Colchester First Selectman