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A Little About Me

First Selectman: 2021 – Present

Serving as the First Selectman of Colchester has been a tremendous honor as it has been an opportunity to give back to the community that has provided my family everything. Thirty-six years ago, my parents left Greece with two children (my sister and I) to take a chance on the American Dream here in the beautiful town of Colchester. They established their successful business here. They encouraged our education through the Colchester Public Schools system. We made our friends here. Every day I walk into the office remembering that.

There are not many politicians that follow through on their promises. On day 1 alone, I removed the previous administration’s “Racism Public Health Crisis” and reduced the salary of the First Selectman to $80,000 and froze it for two years. My 2021 Campaign promised to put “People Before Government.” It was supported by four key pillars: Affordability, Transparency, Economic Development, and Tradition – which were further defined through a list of objectives. Securing these objectives while addressing a variety of long neglected needs has collectively provided the Town an avenue for our “Colchester Comeback”.

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Colchester Board of Finance Member: 2015 – 2021

  • Most Fiscally Conservative Record in the last 6 Years
  • Strong advocate for Fiscal Responsibility and Low Taxes
  • 2021 Budget:
    • Pushed back against a 5% tax increase as supported by the First Selectman
    • Pushed back against an 8.24% town budget increase as supported by the First Selectman
    • Advocated for the use of ARPA funds (federal dollars) to lower the tax burden when the First Selectman was against
    • Exposed the inaccurate numbers the First Selectman and the Police Commission were using to perpetuate a false narrative that crime and call volume was up to justify an increase in the budget when the opposite was true
    • Exposed the backroom deal between the First Selectman and Superintendent to remove the School Resource Officer from the School Budget while keeping the parents and community members in the dark. SRO position was reinstated.
    • Exposed multiple illegal meetings – specifically the Debt Service Subcommittee meetings in which the First Selectman used to deprioritize safety of recreation fields without public input
    • Pushed back against massive salary increases for municipal employees that were negotiated without Board of Finance input. Some salary increases were as high as 10%
  • 2020 Budget:
    • First elected official to advocate for a zero-tax increase on a budget that the citizens were denied the right to vote due to Covid
    • Advocated for the citizens right to vote by writing a letter to the Department of Justice. The First Selectman took no actions and believed that she was “elected to follow the governor’s orders”
    • Advocated against the First Selectman taking a salary increase during a pandemic when statewide unemployment was at 29%. First Selectman took the salary increase when others were losing their jobs and seeing a reduction in pay
  • Other Accomplishments:
    • Direct involvement in the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding via a special subcommittee between the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen that restored the powers of the Colchester Board of Finance during the Charter Crisis of 2019
    • Advocated for Transparency Software that would provide the community historic access to financial and department numbers. Transparency software was intentionally never fully implemented and removed by the previous First Selectman
    • One of the architects of Field Sustainability Fund which will be utilized to irrigate our recreational fields
    • Served on the Senior Center Subcommittee that researched various parcels of land for the home of the senior center
    • Served on the Colchester Economic Development Commission: 2009-2015

Social Studies Teacher at Windham Public Schools: 2013 – 2021

  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills that will be necessary to bring people of diverse backgrounds and experiences together


  • Fairfield University
    • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Political Science, History
    • Activities and Societies: Pi Sigma Alpha: Political Science Honor Society; Pi Alpha Theta: Historical Honor Society; College Newspaper Writer
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
    • Master of Education (M.Ed.) Secondary Education with Certification