Affordability For All

Dear Colchester Residents, A recent Fox News Survey identified that 72% of voters were dissatisfied with the direction of the country. 58% of voters consider inflation and higher prices an emergency. More than one third, 35%, are living paycheck to paycheck with enough savings to last a month or less. According to Democratic pollster Chris Anderson “More households are living close to the breaking point, and more are also building up reserves, but the middle is shrinking.” According to the United Way of Connecticut, a family of four (with two adults, one pre-schooler and one infant) needed to earn $126,018…

Happy Birthday Colchester!!

Dear Colchester Residents, Today, the great Town of Colchester will embrace a historic milestone as it celebrates its 325th Birthday. Since its incorporation, Colchester has had a rich and storied history. It has been home to historic politicians, inventors, businessmen, sports dignitaries, and musicians. In the 1800’s, Old Bacon Academy progressively allowed the education of women and nonwhite students, while also educating future governors, senators, and a supreme court justice. It was the Colchester Rubber Company that created the first basketball sneakers in the 1890’s. Our Town is home to heroes. General Henry Champion served as the Chief Commissary of…

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our community. In less than two years, we have made historic progress. Please watch the video to discover all that has been done. On November 7th, vote Andreas Bisbikos for First Selectman and together let’s continue to move Colchester forward.

Charter Revision

Dear Colchester Residents, During a second term, I will begin the process of Charter Revision to protect our form of government from backroom deals and corruption. The first initiative will be to establish term limits for all elected and appointed officials including that of the First Selectman. Polls show that nearly 80% of Americans support term limits. Term limits reduce corruption and open our local government to new people with fresh ideas to solve our town’s challenges. Selectwoman Rosemary Coyle has been in power for over 12 years and has turned a blind eye to abuses of power. We need…

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