My Views

My 4 Tenets of Leadership
  • Will aim for a zero tax increase each year in office
  • Will never push for an 8.24% town budget increase and a 5% tax increase as the current First Selectman did
  • Strategic spending vs. Reckless Spending
  • Will strategically and responsibly use our ARPA funding, Bloom Energy, and our unassigned fund balance to ease the tax burden on the citizens
  • There will be a top to bottom review of each department to identify savings and areas to strategically invest in
  • Will utilize and invest in the latest technology to reduce cost while modernizing efficiency in town hall
  • Will identify key challenges in each department and present long-term solutions in order to avoid massive bonding projects and fiscal cliffs
  • I will strengthen our relationship with Bloom Energy and their new partner Heliogen to bring a new era of clean energy and new revenue into Colchester.
  • Completely integrate the Government Transparency Software so the public and the Board of Finance have complete access to all the numbers in real time
  • End illegal meetings/back room deals in local government
  • Provide the Board of Finance the impact of the contract negotiations months before the budget season begins
  • All numbers being presented must be vetted. Departments using inaccurate numbers to sell a product will not be rewarded with requests. Commission members who use inaccurate numbers or deny members of their own commission access to numbers would be subject to removal.
  • FOI Requests will no longer be read at Board of Selectmen meetings as some feel that it is used as a shaming mechanism.
  • Use eDiscovery to ensure that all FOI able information is made available to the public. This is to ensure that correspondence requested actually matches the correspondence in the system.
Economic Development
  • ARPA: Invest $1 million of ARPA funds directly into our local businesses. The $1 million will come back to the community in gift cards. Each household will receive up to $100 in gift cards that they will be able to spend on local businesses.
  • ARPA: Invest $500,000 – $1 million in on our Recreation Fields
  • ARPA: Invest $1 million in infrastructure improvements to public spaces: roads, bridges, police station, historical buildings, broadband, and capital items related to safety
  • ARPA: Use the remaining funds to strategically invest in other areas
  • Target manufacturing and medical companies to invest and expand into Colchester.
  • Build the talent pipeline. The town, the school, and local businesses should continue to partner up to offer career opportunities or entry level jobs to our youth. We must bolster career pathways and apprenticeships.
  • Begin the transformation into making Colchester tourist destination. We will market regionally and sell locally.
  • Create a Business Retention & Expansion Program. Town leadership and the Economic Development Staff will embark on annual small business tours to gather critical information pertaining to needs, challenges, and the overall business climate. We will recognize businesses on a regular basis.
  • We will establish a business directory located on the town website.
  • Create a New Business Guide document to help perspective businesses check off what is expected of them in opening a new business
  • Create an Online Permitting Portal where all permits and licenses are available and may be submitted directly online.
  • Reevaluate zoning laws to see if they put citizens and small businesses before government
  • Keep taxes low to keep businesses happy.
  • Remove the Racism Public Health Crisis. It sours our marketability.
  • Honor Memorial Day each and every year – no excuses
  • Restore 57th Fest and call it Colchester Summer Fest
  • Preserve our Historical Buildings and Monuments (no historical buildings being demolished, no historical name changes)
  • Collaborate with the Colchester Public School System to add Colchester’s History as part of the curriculum
  • Create a “Field of Dreams” for our Recreational Fields (they must be excellent fields & not a liability to our children)
  • Look at establishing a building/venue just for our Veterans. The establishment will also act as a museum for all those who have served in America’s many wars.
  • Eliminating the “Racism Public Health Crisis” Proclamation on Day 1