Views and Vision

My Views & Vision

  • Will aim to keep taxes low so that Colchester remains affordable for everyone.
  • Will continue to search for innovative and creative ways to provide the same services at a lower cost.
  • Will continue to use ARPA funding, new revenue, reserve accounts, and our unassigned fund balance to ease the tax burden on the citizens.
  • Will continue to conduct top to bottom reviews of departments to both identify savings and areas to strategically invest in.
  • Will continue to utilize and invest in technology that reduces costs while modernizing efficiency across departments.
  • Will ensure that bonding payments remain stabilized and avoid fiscal cliffs.
  • Enhance social services to help citizens in need.
  • Completely integrate the Government Transparency Software so the public and Board of Finance have complete access to all the numbers in real time.
  • Provide the Board of Finance with the impact of contract negotiations months before the budget season begins.
  • Will continue to hold all departments accountable on spending plans, numbers provided, and all their revenue streams.
  • Will continue to hold elected & appointed officials accountable to our citizens.
  • Will continue to use eDiscovery to ensure that all FOI able information is made available to the public and nothing is withheld.
Economic Development
  • Will continue to work with prospective businesses to bring them to Town.
  • Will oversee the completion of the Lebanon Avenue Streetscape Revitalization.
  • Invest in Green Energy Initiatives.
  • Investigate the privatization of the Town’s water systems.
  • Continue to increase funds set aside for Open Space acquisitions that reduce the overall tax burden.
  • Will continue to make infrastructure improvements in public spaces:
    • Investment in our roads and bridges.
    • Begin the expansion in the operational quarters of the Police Department.
    • Oversee the construction of the Town Hall Roof, modernize Town Hall’s HVAC, and refurbish the Water Towers.
    • Reinstitute the facilities maintainer position.
  • Review zoning regulations to ensure they put citizens and small businesses before the government.
  • Explore career pathways with our local schools, including partnerships with the Fire Department, Police Department, and Public Works Department.
  • Establish a town-wide salary survey, with bi-partisan support, to ensure Colchester remains competitive and maintains staffing.
  • Continue to honor Memorial Day and Celebrate Colchester (previously called 57th Fest).
  • Continue to honor holidays and traditions associated with them.
  • Continue to preserve our Historical Buildings and Monuments.
  • Continue our Fields of Dreams program so that our children have excellent Parks & Recreational facilities available to them.
  • Oversee the completion of the Senior Center.
  • Establish a new location for the Youth Center/Community Center
  • Explore establishing a permanent community Ice Skating Rink
  • Transition of the current Youth Center as the new museum and center for our Veterans.
  • Begin the remediation of Norton Park and work towards its overall completion.
  • Expand parking at R8 (Recreational Fields)
  • Collaborate with the library to preserve historical documents.
Charter Revision
  • Establish term limits for all elected boards and appointed boards, including that of the First Selectman.
  • The Town Clerk and the Tax Collector positions should become appointed positions, not elected. There has been a historical track record of corruption in those offices who answer only to the voters and only once every four years.
  • Re-establish the Board of Finance’s power which was accidentally removed through the last Charter Revision (We are currently under a Memorandum of Understanding that keeps the Board’s
    prior responsibilities intact).